Organize Your School Life in 5 Minutes: Time Management for College Students

I won’t waste no time! Here’s how to get your schedule set and your life organized in 5 minutes! We’re gonna use Google Calendar but feel free to use iCal, a planner, or even a piece of paper. Okay Start Your Timer NOW and get ready for the SparkNotes on how to master your time management!

What does Time Management for College Students Usually look like?
Basically organizing your hours and taking control of your time so you don’t miss a single class or appointment! This ultimately frees up more time for yourself! Cool next!
For a more in-depth article on how to balance your time and peak productivity in college, click here (Coming Soon).

Step 1: Copy and Paste Your Class Schedule

Get your schedule from your school’s websites (here’s mine):
Okay now copy and paste it onto your calendar!

Time Management for College Students. Getting organized on Google Calendar
This was my first week of college so I had a scholarship banquet and only a few classes. Don’t worry, I made sure to add my classes as you’ll see on my other schedule.
Time Management for College Students
Here’s a look into what a real college students schedule looks like. Notice how I listed every class out. If you look at what time management habits other college students practice, this should look similar.

Your schedule should look something like this after your done! I even added in my classes and tutoring sessions.

Don’t forget to add reminders! I like to set a reminder for 15 minutes before the class starts. Gives me enough time to skate or bike there in case I forget or get distracted.

Step 2: Add All your To-Dos

Here you add all your extracurriculars, your appointments, work shifts, everything. I also color code because the colors help keep track for me.

Time management for college students using google calendar
I know this looks overwhelming, but you don’t have to get crazy with your calendar. Time management is about making the most out of the hours in your day.

I’ve added my color scheme below:
Red: Midterm, Final, or Practice Exam Study Time
Pink: Study Time
Orange: Any Chem or Biochem class
Green: Any Bio Class
Yellow: Tutoring or Review Sesh
Turquoise: Meals
Light Blue: GE
Dark Blue: Work or meetings
Purple: Miscellaneous
Time management in college is all about organizing your weekly life. However, I’m insane and went overboard with my color coding.
So feel free to change the colors however you like. You can simplify your color scheme to something that looks like this:
Dark Blue: Class
Pink: Study Time
Yellow: Tutoring/Review Sessions
Purple: Eating/Work/Miscellaneous/Birthdays/etc

Step 3: Take Over Your Free Time

Time management for college students means taking back control of your free time
This is what my college time management schedule looks like. Yessir, colorful!

Now that you’ve got the basics down for your time management in college, take control of your free time.

With everything mapped out you can clearly see all your available free time. Basically all the empty space in your calendar is time reserved for you!

Go hang out with friends, call your mom, catch up on work.

Hopefully we got that all figured out in 5 minutes!

Now that everything is ready to go for schedule, feel confident that your college time management schedule is ready to go.


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